There is no starting

or stopping... only doing.

Hi there! Welcome to my

newest home on the interweb!

My name is Joe Koenen and I am so happy you have taken a little time to visit with me today!

We don't know one another yet, but it is my hope that you will find what you seek here in my humble online abode. I have spent my whole adult life in the service industry. In the beginning it was restaurants and retail sales. For the past 30 plus years I owned and operated a flooring business. I am mostly retired now

and had been looking to transition into

some type of online business.

I chose affiliate marketing so I could lay a solid business foundation. I plan to expand from here.

Why affiliate marketing?

I need no products of my own!

No inventory or shipping. I am simply promoting

"other peoples products."

I absolutely love earning commissions on sales.

The best part of it all...

I earn residual and passive income on repeat sales!

Knowing what it takes to be successful with affiliate marketing (most who try are not) is paramount! It takes determination and sheer will. A commitment to yourself that you will succeed.

My first task was to search for someone who was very successful in this field, someone willing to teach me what I needed to know so I could build a solid,

sustainable income.

I found such a person and if you are interested please permit me to introduce you to him. I am so excited about everything I have discovered here within this online education and training platform. I look forward to serving you should you decide to join our group.

Joe M Koenen




My success is the direct result of my actions and I am following a

step by step system.

A blueprint for success.

This is my mentor Vick. He is a top earner in affiliate marketing and I am taking each of his courses, learning insider secrets and strategies.

I began as a free member

( you can too) and I am now

a lifetime gold member.

The Biggest Lesson I have Learned So Far

So many people try their hand at affiliate marketing. Even I tried it a few years back thinking it should be fairly easy to make it work. I Signed up as an affiliate where ever I was allowed to, and I attempted to promote the best that I could. Needless to say I fell into that category of those who did not know how to promote properly and effectively. (90 to 95% of people fail to earn a living wage.)

That is why I looked for a mentor to work with. Someone willing to teach me.

It makes all the difference!

I am now learning from a top earner and have access to the best tools

to build my online empire!

Learn from someone with the equivalent of a PHD in marketing! Grab your free membership today!

Take advantage of the free courses and decide for yourself if this is right for you.

To your success... Joe

**A note of reference. I have chosen to use the "Om" symbol as my KMG Worry Free logo to represent my commitment to passing through the "illusionary" state that may befall us as a result of unscrupulous people / marketers, in the world today. We all have come across these people at one time or another. My actions continue to be based in truth, honesty, and integrity each and every day. I believe we are better together!